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6 12, 2021

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Rediscover Caliber & Triumph


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. Aristotle.

The study of human thoughts/mind and its effect on personality has been an area of immense interest, study, and research by humans since our evolution. Records of psychological study and research have been found in ancient documents of more than 10000 yrs old.  In Fact, the study of all ancient civilizations (Indian, Babylon, Greek, Egyptian, Incas, Chinese) reveals clear studies of human behavior in vast details. Evidence is found in the great discoveries of epics, art, and architecture,  by archaeologists and researchers all around the globe.

 Psychology Rediscovered

“If you want to succeed, you must learn to harness your physical body and your mind to the fullest possible way.” Sadh Guru Jagi Vasudev

The western world first recognized psychology as a formal science in 1870 in Germany after many experiments relating to the human mind and its response to various stimuli. The formal development of modern psychology is credited to the work of German physician, physiologist, and philosopher Wilhelm Wundt. Today the whole world enthusiastically studies the human mental and physical process and behaviour and its influence on oneself and society. The English word psychology comes from two specific Greek words ‘psyche’ which means ‘soul’ \ ‘life’ \‘mind’ and ‘logica’ which means  ‘study of it’.

Big Revelation

“The world is not the most pleasant place. Eventually, your parents leave you and nobody is going to go out of their way to protect you unconditionally. You need to learn to stand up for yourself and what you believe and sometimes, pardon my language, kick some ass.”

Queen Elizabeth II

The greatest discovery during the study of psychology has been the knowledge that each and every human being is different and has a unique personality governed by his own mindset and thinking. Today this study helps to navigate the matrix of an individual’s environment and recognize one’s own unique strength and ability to triumph. Every human being is unique with their own diverse set of traits making them special and so everyone must know their forte, for nurturing themselves in order to stand up for what they believe in. 

Why eAnatomise.com?

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”                                                                  Lao Tzu

eAnatomise.com is created to help you analyze and understand your thoughts in order to realize your true capabilities. It is a web-based system to dissect your thoughts in order to examine the caliber and potential of a human mind.

Our journey invariably begins with our minds and the human mind is the most powerful gizmo in the world.  Thoughts become words, words become action, the action becomes habits and habits create our character and destiny. At eanatomise.com  we offer tools to gauge your thoughts to know your abilities and aptitude in a particular sphere of interest/activity/vocation/study/discipline. 

“Thinking is just a recycling of data that you have gathered in the past.” Sadhguru Jagi Vasudev.

Most of us pursue careers that are not compatible with our unique strengths and personality, this causes frustration and stress which can be simply cured by knowing our thoughts.

eAnatomise Assessments and Reports

“If psychology teaches us anything, it is that all of us are a mixture of strengths and weaknesses. No one has it all, and no one lacks it all”. – Christopher Peterson

At eanatomise.com you will find intricately designed tests and detailed assessment reports sourced from the world’s best psychological test provider. Our assessment reports would be a solid foundation enabling you to build upon strengths while improving upon weaknesses.

Through eanatomise.com you can assess your and your employee’s caliber in detail and experience unprecedented comprehension of behavioral traits. Our exhaustive reports are generated with the help of AI-assisted methods to encode an expert knowledge base into an animated scoring system and write-ups. We have more than one hundred psychological assessments/tests to satisfy all your requirements to rediscover capabilities.


“Only when you do not know yourself, the opinion of other people becomes important”. Sadhguru Jagi Vasudev.

At eanatomise.com we use the world’s best and scientifically developed psychological evaluation system and detailed reports crafted with the help of vigorous research and analysis to help you understand your potential, advantages, weaknesses, and personality traits.

The importance of knowledge of human psychology has been known throughout the ages.  We bring to you at the comfort of your computers the best psychological tests and assessments in the world to get the best out of human resources. Empower yourself, empower your team, rediscover and triumph.

Let the journey towards your continuous rediscovery of caliber and success begin.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. 

Dr. Seuss 

Log on to www.eanatomise.com today.

16 05, 2021

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eanatomise.com came into being with the desire to help individuals to analyse and understand themselves in order to realise their true capabilities.

What we Do

eanatomise.com helps you to assess yourself in detail and experience unprecedented comprehension about yourself with the help of AI-assisted methods to encode expert knowledge base into an animated scoring system generating exhaustive reports.

How we Do it

We have for you  the industries best, professionally developed psychological assessments delivered online

 Many people pursue careers that are not compatible with their strengths and personality, this causes frustration and stress. Every human being is different with their own unique set of traits making them special. 

It is crucial that you know your forte, for nurturing yourself in order to enhance your talent and progress. 

Measure your Potential

 Here you will find intricately designed tests and detailed assessments that would provide a solid foundation enabling you to build upon your strengths while improving organisational output and yourself.

We use the world’s best and scientifically developed psychological tests and detailed assessments crafted with the help of vigorous research and analysis to help you understand you’re potential, your advantages, your weaknesses and your personality traits.

Your True Potential

All human are born with tremendous potential to grow happily if left about with sincere guidance and a conducive environment. Most of us are unaware of our own potential, we are told what we are good at by our parents/teacher’s/friends/relatives etc. and are always open to judgement and management by others standards. 

No one has told us to set our own scale based upon our own potential and yearning because we are all trying to satisfy the standards set up by others.


The happiest and successful people are the ones who live on their own terms. Measure their scales up by their own yearnings and goals that they have set up for themselves.  Who can be happy by working upon someone else’s goal?   

eanatomise.com provides the world’s best resources for you to know for yourself and to find out your inner capabilities by inquiring your own mind to arrive at an evaluation of self and travel on the natural path to prosperity and happiness.

Wish you a happy journey.



16 05, 2021

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Karman Net helps business owners succeed.

Karman Net offers more than just a platform to build your website, we offer everything you need to create an effective, memorable online presence. Already have a site? We offer hosting plans that will keep it fast, secure and online. Our professional email helps you build a professional image, while our online marketing tools empower entrepreneurs to get online with an SEO-friendly website. Karman Net is an all-in-one solution provider to get your idea online, backed with award winning 24/7/365 support.Our services include Website for Business, Professional email, Domain Name, Website Builder, Hosting Services, WordPress, and much more. Half of the profit we earn from this site goes into engendering entrepreneurs.

Website for Business

Even small local businesses that only serve their hometown need a site. That’s because the web is the first place people go when looking for a product or service. A website helps every business:

  1. Promote and sell their products and services
  2. Connect with new customers (and keep existing customers)
  3. Build credibility
  4. Compete with bigger businesses
  5. Control their brand and keep their marketing fresh and current

Best of all, a website is much easier and more affordable than you might think. Karman Net offers a complete selection of online tools for building websites, along with hosting, email and marketing options to grow their business on the web.

Professional email

There are a lot of reasons to switch from your free email to a domain-based email, but here are the top three: 

Customers are much more likely to trust a professional address like [email protected] than [email protected]

It provides world-class security with industry-leading spam and virus filters.

Personalised email addresses promote your business more effectively. Every time you send an email, you are giving your web address to customers and prospects, encouraging them to visit your website.

Domain Name 

Karman Net is the world’s largest and trusted domain registrar that empowers people like you with creative ideas to succeed online. Purchasing a Domain Name is easy with our domain search tool and domain name generator tools you can find the perfect website address for your business.

Website Builder

Because it’s a fast, simple way to create a website that you — and your customers — will love. Simply type in your idea or industry and the Karman Net website builder will pull up a number of professionally designed, ready-to-launch templates. From there, just add your own text and images and you’re good to go.

Hosting Services

With nearly 20 years in the industry, we have the experience, the technology and the hosting experts to help web designers, developers, bloggers and online businesses create and maintain their online presence. Our secure web hosting platform complete with cPanel offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and award-winning support, which has helped nearly 20+ million customers get online.


Karman Net offers reliable and affordable WordPress Hostin plans, one-click installs and the latest version so you have the most recent features available for your site. Your website content is managed from one place; you have a wealth of themes and add-ons giving you limitless options to succeed.

Transfer all your web assets 

There are a few different reasons. Our award-winning support is always high on the list of why people move their presence to Karman Net. Our prices — including a free 1-year extension on many domain transfers — is another popular reason. And if you already have one or more of our products, transferring your domain, website or hosting to us lets you consolidate your web presence with one provider so it’s easier to manage.

25 03, 2021

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Karman Eval stands for “evaluation of your karma ” i.e. assessing and judging quondam activities in order to dynamically change your actions and thinking to improve upon yourself in a continuous journey towards progress.

Karman Eval (OPC) Private Limited (R) a Human Resource Development Company, incorporated in Jun 2018, inspired by NGO “Subhavana Trust” presently at the startup stage,  providing online and physical tools and services for individuals and organisations to improve and grow. We also engender entrepreneurs.

Online Services by Karman Eval (OPC) Private Limited


karmaneval.com is our company’s main website wherein all activities in respect of the tools, services and news can be seen.   We offer a repository of tools and services in the form of websites ranging from self-analysis to total web solutions to complete unexpurgated consultancy services for you to discover yourself, evaluate yourself and advance yourself.


Our journey always begins with our minds and the human mind is the most powerful object in the world. We offer tools to gauge different abilities and aptitude in a particular sphere of interest/activity/vocation/study/discipline. Through our site e anatomise.com you can assess yourself in detail and experience unprecedented comprehension about yourself with the help of AI-assisted methods to encode expert knowledge base into an animated scoring system generating exhaustive reports.

karmenweb.com (Alpha Testing Stage)

We provide web technologies of tomorrow today with a host of web services, products and a variety of bespoke services. Your wish is our command from domain names, hosting plans, website development to secure cloud services, from marketing to data analytics, we have it all for you with complete genuineness and best price

Guruarastu.com  (Alpha Testing Stage)

Our consultation site provides answers to all your questions that you always wanted to ask but did not know whom to ask. At guruarsatu.com we clear all your doubts about website building to psychology, from spirituality to diet, from Yoga to entrepreneurship, from astrology to career counselling, we clear all your doubts without any hesitation or reluctance. We have the finest people waiting to answer your concerns in total privacy through email, live chat, audio chat or video chat.


Karmaneval.com is your one-stop destination for all your developmental needs. We are all about human resources development assisting you in empowering your dreams. Know yourself, evaluate yourself, advance yourself, Discover the “I” in you.

Karman Eval (OPC) Private Limited (R)

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