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Karman Eval


Karman Eval stands for “evaluation of your karma ” i.e. assessing and judging quondam activities in order to dynamically change your actions and thinking to improve upon yourself in a continuous journey towards progress.

Karman Eval (OPC) Private Limited (R) a Human Resource Development Company, incorporated in Jun 2018, inspired by NGO “Subhavana Trust” presently at the startup stage, providing online and physical tools and services for individuals and organisations to improve and grow. We also engender entrepreneurs.

Online Services by Karman Eval (OPC) Private Limited is our company's main website wherein all activities in respect of the tools, services and news can be seen. We offer a repository of tools and services in the form of websites ranging from self-analysis to total web solutions to complete unexpurgated consultancy services for you to discover yourself, evaluate yourself and advance yourself.

Our journey always begins with our minds and the human mind is the most powerful object in the world. We offer tools to gauge different abilities and aptitude in a particular sphere of interest/activity/vocation/study/discipline. Through our site e you can assess yourself in detail and experience unprecedented comprehension about yourself with the help of AI-assisted methods to encode expert knowledge base into an animated scoring system generating exhaustive reports. (Alpha Testing Stage)

We provide web technologies of tomorrow today with a host of web services, products and a variety of bespoke services. Your wish is our command from domain names, hosting plans, website development to secure cloud services, from marketing to data analytics, we have it all for you with complete genuineness and best price (Alpha Testing Stage)

Our consultation site provides answers to all your questions that you always wanted to ask but did not know whom to ask. At we clear all your doubts about website building to psychology, from spirituality to diet management, from Yogic procedures to entrepreneurship startups, from astrology predictions to career counselling, we clear all your doubts with complete sincerity. We have the finest people waiting to answer your concerns in total privacy through email, live chat, audio chat or video chat.

Conclusion is your one-stop destination for all your developmental needs. We are all about human resources development assisting you in empowering your dreams. Know yourself, evaluate yourself, advance yourself, Discover the “I” in you.

Karman Eval (OPC) Private Limited (R)

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Your one-step destination for all your developmental needs. We are all about human resources development and empowering your dreams. Know yourself, evaluate yourself. Know yourself, evaluate yourself, and discover the “I” in you. We also engender entrepreneurs.